About Gabus

Gabus Game Ranch is a safari lodge in Namibia near the village of Otavi. We’re located only 1.5 hours away from the Etosha National Park.

The Lodge is a family-owned enterprise which is managed by the german-speaking Kuehl Family which grew up in Namibia.


Guests can participate in exciting activities at the lodge which include:

  • Horse riding safaris
  • Safari game drives
  • Hiking trails
  • Mountain hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Cave excursions

The Farm

Gabus is build on 6200 hectares of Savannah-bushlands which include over 1,000 hectares of beautiful mountain ranges.

Wildlife including Giraffe, Eland, Kudu, Oryx, Impala, Waterbuck, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena and more are home on the land.

The Kuehl Family

Gabus Game Ranch was started in 1995 by Karl-Heinz Kuehl and Heidi Kuehl who have grown the lodge into what it is today.

As of 2018, the children Heike Kuehl and Harald Kuehl have joined the management team of the enterprise.

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