Christmas Food Supplies


With your donation of only N$500 (+-28 EUROS) we will buy food provision for a low-income family living in the township of Otavi (Namibia, Africa) which is 10km away from Gabus Game Ranch. The food will be handed out before Christmas to ensure that the family has food for the Christmas time.

Below is a list of the food items that will be purchased, it is enough food for a week to feed a family of 4:

1x 10KG Maize Meal – N$110
2x 2KG White Sugar – N$62
2x Sunflower Cooking Oil 750ml – N$80
6x Pasta 500gr – N$90
2x 500gr Instant Soup – N$33
1x Vetkoek Flour 2.5kg – N$47
4x Yeast 5gr – N$20
2x Canned Fish – N$58
( +- 28 EUROS )


Coming Soon!